Thailand will again participate in the upcoming nanotech 2013 in Tokyo, Japan which will be held from 30 January – 1 February at Tokyo Big Sight. The Thai delegation makeup will include NANOTEC, the key nanotechnology development center and representatives from both pubic and private sectors. The theme of the Thailand Pavilion is “Nanotechnology in Thailand: Benefiting Society’s Needs”.

“When people look at research centers they often will picture an ivory tower that shows researchers doing some thing not related to their life. Our job at NANOTEC is to use what is considered very high tech to produce products that people can see and that matters to them” said Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai during an interview session with BBC Click UK that was shown world wide in September 2012. “Various research projects that we decide to undertake must be of national importance. This is one of the key prerequisites that we will base our decision whether to engage in those research programs”.

Prof. Sukekatsu Ushioda, President of the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS, Japan) during a recent NANOTEC International Advisory Meeting in Thailand urge NANOTEC to showcase their research flagships at nanotech 2013 as it is unique and should be well received in international setting.

Thailand will showcase research projects that are both ready for transfer to potential investors/collaborators and some that are on the pipeline. Interested parties and/or researchers can visit

Thailand Pavilion at # 6P-26 nanotech 2013 Tokyo Big Sight.

BBC Click UK interview (