Research focus

Integrated Nanosystem Laboratory is focusing on the development of sensing platforms for chemicals and biological targets. High sensitivity transducer, user-friendly electronic device, and effective analysis tools are extensively developed to complete the sensing system. These core technologies are intended to be used for single and multi-analytic detection for the purpose of food and environment.


Name Contact
 Dr.    Paisan       Khanchaitit  (Team Leader)
 Dr.    Jedsada      Manyam
 Dr.    Kittipong    Tantisantisom
 Dr. Supone Manakasettharn
 Dr. Khoonsake Segkhoonthod
 Dr.    Chookiat    Tansarawiput
 Dr     Thitikorn    Boonkum
 Dr. Chalathorn Chanthad
 Dr. Penvipha Satsanarukkit


Electronic Nose