NANO Talk: “Can nanotechnology be fashionable?”

“A fashion designer often considers textiles as works of art, meant for purely aesthetic value” said Prof. Juan Hinestroza of Cornell University in New York.  “A fiber scientist, on the other hand, sees textiles as workable media, with large available surface area, and the potential to be more than just pleasing to the eye”. 

Prof. Hinestroza was currently in town to a give a talk on the topic of “Can nanotechnology be fashionable?” at the NANO Talk session at NANOTEC. He also used this opportunity to explore opportunities for research collaboration in the area of nano functional textile research.

 Prof. Hinestroza said that manipulation of nanoscale phenomena to create synergies between natural fibers and nanomoieties could offer a solution for this apparent dichotomy by creating functionality while preserving appearance and comfort.  Potential uses include clothing with improved water transport management and breathability, protection against hazardous gases as well as flexible electronics and wearable computing platforms.

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